Welcome Canoe Paddlers

The AuSable River Canoe Marathon is a 120 miles long, non-stop C-2 canoe race that has been challenging competitors from around the world since 1957. The contestants must navigate the narrow winding river as well as stump-filled ponds at night. This race is not a recreational canoe float, but a professional competitive race which requires contestants to be in peak physical condition. The race starts at 9:00 PM Saturday night in Grayling Michigan where contestants and feeders must navigate the upper stretch of the river in total darkness. Leaders will reach the finish line around 11:00 AM on Sunday on the shores of Lake Huron in Oscoda Michigan.

Learn more about the demands of the race check out the some of the following articles, videos and books.

“AuSable River Canoe Marathon Guide Book (1990) – by Dave Foley
AuSable River Canoe Marathon YouTube
“Newcomer’s Guide to Completing the AuSable River Canoe Marathon” (2022) – by Eric Batway

Paddler Etiquette

Do not use privately owned docks without permission.
Do not trespass on private property to use or leave the river.
Do not litter. Paddlers intentionally throwing trash in the river will be penalized. There will be special volunteers and competition committee members throughout the race course looking for teams who violate this rule.
Please do not move or cut any wood or debris in the river, it is in many cases providing trout habitat. The liveries ensure the river is navigable.
Be aware that you may encounter anglers along the course.

  • Slow Down, Reduce Your Wake [100′ above & below anglers]
  • Ask Which Side To Pass On [after dark, look for a light that will direct you to correct side]
  • Be Aware That Fisherman Can’t Hear OR Move Very Well in Moving Waters
  • After Dark, Please Use A Small Red Light So Fishermen Know You Are There

Ready for the challenge?