Toughest Spectator Sport


AuSable River Canoe Marathon Spectators are a very important part of the AuSable River Canoe Marathon.  They cheer and motivate their favorite teams throughout the night.  They must find access to the river in total darkness, must navigate among thousands of other fans in order to get a glimpse of their favorite team, then move to another location.  These fans will do this for fourteen to nineteen hours as the contestants move down river.  Race fans are an integral part of the AuSable River Canoe Marathon.

Spectators can find information about the race, important information about bridge and road closures, and other important information specific to spectators right here.  So check in from time to time, especially during July, for important information.

Other links to What Every Spectator Must Know, race map, and other important information will be available here.

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