71st Annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon  

July 28th – 29th, 2018

Presented by Consumers Energy

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> Post-70th Marathon Update <

In one of the closest AuSable Marathon finishes of all time, after 120-miles and more than 14 hours of non-stop paddling at 50-70 strokes per minute, the championship of the 2017 AuSable Canoe Marathon came down to this! In a sprint to the checkered flag, Christophe Proulx & Sam Frigon, both of Quebec, edged Steve Lajoie & Guillaume Blais, both of Quebec. The Champs finished in 14:18:45 (14 hours, 18 minutes, 45 seconds).

Link to YouTube Video – The Sprint to the Finish!

On the Marathon YouTube Channel, there are more than 60 videos featuring the 2017 AuSable Canoe Marathon.  The times posted for the 2017 AuSable River Canoe Marathon Presented by Consumers Energy have been verified, corrected, and are now “Official”. View all of the timing results here

All-time records were broken at the 2017 AuSable Canoe Marathon!
  • Michigan’s Andy Triebold and New York’s Mary Schlimmer established a new mixed-team record time of 14:37:45 (14 hours, 37 minutes, 45 seconds) while finishing 4th overall. The previous record time (15:05:26) was set by Lynne Witte and Jim Myers in 1988.
  • Michigan’s Rebecca Davis (bow) and Saskatchewan’s Edith MacHattie set a new women’s-team record time of 15:17:39 while finishing 16th overall. The previous record (15:26:14) was set by Connie Cannon and Carrie Trudgeon in 1994.
  • Mike Garon established a new all-time record for consecutive finishes at the Marathon – 19 in a row! Mike, 59, of Washington, MI and Joel Mack, 44, of Grayling, MI – team #36 – finished 41st overall in 16:27:2
    *  Rick Joy now has 34 AuSable Marathon Pro division finishes to his credit, breaking a tie with “Amazing” Al Widing, Sr. who completed 33 AuSable Marathons; Al completed his last AuSable Marathon in 2012 at the age of 87!! Rick, 58, of Silverwood, MI and Phil Weiler, 36, of Roscommon, MI – team #11 – finished 31st overall in 16:13:20. This was the first AuSable Marathon for Weiler, a long-time Marathon volunteer, and past volunteer-committee chairman.
    * Lynne Witte completed her 36th AuSable Marathon overall, also a record. Lynne completed 34 Marathons in the “Pro” Division and 2 Marathons in the “Amateur” Division, which was eliminated after the 2007 Race. Lynne, 63, of McMillan, MI and Sylvie Nadeau, 42, of St-Jerome, QC – team #54 – finished 65th overall in 18:00:55
    * The Iron Paddler award is presented to all paddlers who have completed 10 AuSable Marathons in the Pro division. Competitors who have completed 20 Marathons receive the Steel Paddler award. Triple Iron paddlers have completed 30 AuSable Marathons and include only the 3 paddlers mentioned above. Go here for a complete listing of all competitors who have received these awards.
Here are the Division Winners of the 2017 AuSable River Canoe Marathon, Presented by Consumers Energy.
  • Seniors – Team #74 – Seth Miller, 50, of Norwood, MA & Stephen Miller 52, of Groton, MA. 26th overall in 15:51:08
  • Masters – Team #13 – Nick Walton, 44, of Eaton Rapids, MI & Matt Meersman, 44, of South Bend, IN. 5th overall in 14:43:12
  • Rookie – both “first-timers” at the AuSable Marathon – Team #99 – Antoine Rouleau, 27, & Rosalie Frigon, 20, both of Trois-Rivières, QC. 30th overall in 16:11:08
  • Women’s – Rebecca Davis, 27, of Homer, MI & Edith MacHattie, 43, of Saskatoon, SK. 16th overall in 15:17:39.
  • Mixed – Andrew Triebold, 41, of Grayling, MI & Mary Schlimmer, 26, of Cortland, NY. 4th overall in 14:37:45
Here are the Top-10 finishers of the 2017 AuSable River Canoe Marathon, Presented by Consumers Energy. All of the Top-10 finished in under 15 hours; that’s a BIG deal at the Marathon!
  • 10th, in 14:56:54 – Team #89 – Richard Lauth. Grosse Ile, MI & Kyle Mynar, 32, of Martindale, TX
  • 9th, in 14:56:53 – Team #08 – Shane MacDowell, Marquette, MI & Pete Mead, 36, Traverse City, MI
  • 8th, in 14:55:54 – Team #90 – Tommy Pellerin, 29, of Lavaltrie, QC & Jimmy Pellerin, 25, of Shawinigan-Sud, QC
  • 7th, in 14:52:30 – Team # 78 – Michael Schlimmer, 31 of Rochester, NY and Joseph Schlimmer, 32, of Ithaca, NY
  • 6th, in 14:50:14 – Team #05 – Trevor Lefever, 38, of Oneonta, NY & Matt Rudnitsky, 30, of Gilbertsville, NY
  • 5th, in 14:43:12 – Team #13 – Nick Walton, 44, Eaton Rapids, MI & Matt Meersman, 40, South Bend, IN
  • 4th, in 14:37:45 – Team #01 – Andrew Triebold, 41, Grayling, MI & Mary Schlimmer, 26, Cortland, NY
  • 3rd, in 14:26:01 – Team #55 – Mike Davis, 26 & Weston Willoughby, 26, both of Homer, MI
  • 2nd, in 14:18:46 – Team #04 – Steve Lajoie, 41, of Mirabel, QC & Guillaume Blais, 31, of St. Boniface, QC
  • 1st, in 14:18:45 – Christophe Proulx, 22, of Shawinigan, QC & Samuel Frigon , 21, of St-Étienne-des-Grès, QC

If you have any questions or request, please contact our Communications Representative:


Pre-Race Media Information

Dear Media Representative,

On behalf of the volunteer organizing committee, we welcome you to  70th Annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon – Since 1947, One of the Greatest Canoe Races on Earth!  We truly appreciate the media exposure you provide and hope you will enjoy this year’s race.  

We are pleased that Consumer’s Energy is continuing their role as our Presenting Sponsor for this amazing event. Throughout the 69-year history of the AuSable Marathon, Consumers Energy has been a key partner in staging the race, readily making their six hydroelectric-dam portages available to the competitors and the fans. In recent years, their financial support has been a key factor in the continuing growth and improvement of this world-class event.

Approximately 80 two-person teams from throughout the United States and Canada are entered in the Marathon.  In 2017 we are thrilled to have a team from Australia and a competitor from Belize entered in the race.

We are generally able to provide contact information for competitors from your area. A PDF format up-to-date entry list with detailed competitor info & stats can be accessed and downloaded: Go to the 2017 Entries page on the website, then select “Click Here to Download Detailed Stats of the Paddlers”.

Current press releases plus, race course map graphics, logos, video and photo resources and more can be downloaded from the Marathon’s Google Drive Media Assets Folder.

Please notify us if you plan to cover the race this year. You will need the parking pass and media badge included in the media packet to gain access to certain locations. The media kit also contains a program book, entry list and all of the press releases.

AuSable Canoe Marathon Week kicks off in Oscoda at 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon, July 25 with the Consumers Energy $5,000 Da$h For Ca$h. The Da$h for Ca$h is a bracket-style, single elimination, “drag-racing” event to be held at the Finish Line in Oscoda.

Racing action continues Wednesday through Friday in Grayling at the Time Trial Sprints for starting position. Much like Indy or NASCAR qualifying, each team sprints a looped course, with their sprint time determining their starting position in the lineup for Saturday night’s 9:00 pm. thrilling LeMans-style run the river that starts the main event. (Wednesday 3:00-6:00 p.m., Thursday 3:00-8:00 p.m., Friday 2:00-4:30 p.m.)

The Pre-Race program in Grayling starts at 6:00 p.m. Saturday night, July 29, leading up to the start of the race – the thrilling Le-Mans style run to the river at 9:00 p.m. The lead teams will reach their first portage at the Consumers Energy Mio Dam at around 2:00 a.m. on Sunday, July 30th; all teams must reach Mio Dam by 4:00 a.m. to remain in the race. The winning team is expected to reach the Oscoda Finish Line at approximately 11:15 a.m. Sunday, July 30th.

If you have any questions or requests or, if are looking for story lines for this year’s race, please contact our Communications Representative:


Press Releases – .rtf versions of the Press Releases and other media assets are available for download from the Marathon’s Google Drive Media Assets Folder.


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