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Photo courtesy of Sawyer Harris 

If you are interested in covering this year’s race or would like to gather more information, please contact our Public Relations Representative, Phil Weiler, at 989-390-6994 or To provide coverage of the Marathon, you will need committee approval for a media packet, which includes a media badge, parking pass, program book, and entry list.

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Recent Marathon Videos

Drone Footage of the 2019 AuSable River Festival and start of the ARCM

2019 AuSable Start: Paddler’s Perspective

Small Town Big Deal “AuSable Canoe Marathon” S10E7

Michigan Out-of-Doors TV 2016 ARCM

Historic Marathon Videos

1979 ARCM

1994 ARCM 

“Meet the Paddlers” Interviews

Jerry Kellogg (2019)

Katie & Kristi Treston (2019)

Lauren Frye & Mark Rowe (2019)

Kevin Berl & Roger Henry (2019)

Greg Zophy & Maria Schilling (2019)

Rebecca Davis & Edith MacHattie (2019)

Seth & Stephen Miller (2019)

Michael Garon & Doug Gillin (2019)

Brad Thompson & Chuck Hewitt (2019)

Nicole Rice-Owens (2019)

Jerry Lambert & Fred Mills (2019)

Nate Winkler & Chris Gallager (2019)

Mike & Josh Kellogg (2019) 

Rod & Judi Clark (2017)

“Meet the Feeders” Interviews

Team Treston (2019)

Team Kellogg (2019)

“Meet the Committee Members” Interviews

Andy Moore (2019)

Phil Weiler (2019)

John & Lexi Cherven (2019)

Joe Wakeley (2019)

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