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The Klondike Challenge originated in the 1970’s as a race on the AuSable River in Grayling, but the event was moved to Oscoda’s Van Etten Creek in 1996.  The Klondike marks the “Season Kickoff” for the Michigan Canoe Racing season, and serves as a friendly, spirited sprint event before the MCRA’s Annual Spring Membership Meeting.  Paddlers and race fans use the event to catch-up with race friends after a long winter offseason, and to get a sneak peek at the racers for the upcoming season (or to see who has been training during the winter!).  Originally a race held in late January or February, it is now held annually in late winter or early spring.  In recent years, the Klondike Challenge has become an AuSable River Canoe Marathon fundraising event, incorporating a 5K/10K Run/Walk into the weekend’s festivities.  The event is organized by the AuSable River International Canoe Marathon Committee, and hosted in conjunction with the Michigan Canoe Racing Association.  Paddlers and runners of all ages and talent levels are welcome to enter.  See you there!

2023 CANOE / KAYAK CHALLENGE Date: Saturday, April 1st, 2023 Entry Fee: $10 per paddler Registration: 11:00 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. at Huntington Bank [4452 County Highway F-41, Oscoda, MI 48750] Event Start: C-2 event starts at 1:00 p.m.  C-1 event starts after C-2’s are underway. Event Course: The course is approximately 4.25 miles (2.75 miles upstream, 1.5 miles downstream).  The canoe / kayak challenge will start at the mouth of Van Etten Creek (where it meets the AuSable River), heading upstream to Van Etten Dam, then performing a counter-clockwise buoy-turn, and then heading back downstream to finish just passed the F-41 bridge near Huntington Bank. Race course is approximately 45 minutes in length. Other info:  Non-racing canoes and non-racing kayaks are allowed.  You must provide your own cold-weather gear and safety equipment, such as life jackets/PFD’s.  Please take cold-weather and cold-water precautions. The MCRA Membership Meeting will be held on-site. 2023 RUN / WALK CHALLENGE Date: Sunday, April 2nd, 2023 Entry Fee: $10 per person Registration: 11:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. across from the Van Etten Lake State Forest Campground [Intersection of Perimeter Rd & Pride Rd] Event Start: 5K & 10K events start at 1:00 p.m. Event Course: Looped course along Perimeter Rd. 10K runners will do two laps. Other Info: Awards certificates will be available on this webpage in the days immediately following the completion of both the 5K and 10K events. This is a fundraising event for the AuSable River Canoe Marathon. Feel free to bring a dog to run/walk along side you! If you do so, we politely ask that the dog be on a leash. For more information about the Canoe/Kayak or Run/Walk Challenge, please contact: Rod Matthews 989-254-7815

Klondike Canoe Champions

YearC-2 TimeC-2 WinnersC-1 TimeC-1 Winner
19960:40:20Ray Yehl & Dan Gary0:48:10Daniel Klinkhamer
19970:39:08Brett Stockton & Bill Torongo0:42:52Ken Kolonich
19980:39:31Brett Stockton & Bill Torongo0:45:57Rick Joy
19990:38:02Brett Stockton & Bill Torongo0:47:39Bob Zalewski
20000:38:22Bruce Barton & Jeff Kolka0:43:22Daniel Klinkhamer
20010:38:21Mo Harwood, Jr. & Jim Harwood0:42:14Bruce Barton
20020:38:46Bruce Barton & Matthew Rimer0:49:02Tom Mills
20030:37:23Andrew Triebold & Bruce Barton0:45:00Bill Schmitz
20040:36:31Brett Stockton & Matthew Rimer0:40:18Jeff Kolka
20050:36:09Andrew Triebold & Matthew Rimer0:44:25Jeff Kolka
20060:36:31Andrew Triebold & Matthew Rimer0:44:22Bruce Barton
20070:34:50Steve Corlew & Matt Streib0:45:32Russ Reker
20080:40:07Ray Trudgeon & Matt Streib0:43:48Russ Reker
20090:40:01Lee Barnett & Ryan Halstead0:51:35Matthew Ashton
20100:37:29Cameron McClain & Matthew Rimer0:45:21Bill Schmitz
20110:38:57Ryan Foguth & Ryan Halstead0:46:39Tad Hill
20120:38:25Mo Harwood, Jr. & Josh Sheldon0:40:50Steve Corlew
20130:36:39Josh Sheldon & Ryan Halstead0:45:27Tad Hill
20140:38:53Josh Sheldon & Ryan Halstead0:48:31Shawn Spallinger
20150:38:20Tim Sheldon & Ryan Halstead0:44:44Tad Hill
20160:38:24Josh Sheldon & Ryan Halstead0:44:53Russ Reker
20170:37:31Mike Davis & Tad Hill0:45:10Steve Watson
20180:38:44Mike Davis & Weston Willoughby0:44:27Shawn Spallinger
20190:38:01Wesley Dean & Kyle Stonehouse0:42:50Daniel Medina

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