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28th Annual C-2 Race – Saturday, July 16, 2022 CurleyMemorialLogo

— $30.00 entry fee per team if Pre-Registered.
— $40.00 entry fee per team day of event, if not Pre-Registered
— Check-In Registration begins at 7:00 a.m. for both Expert-1 and Expert-2’s at Cooke Dam. If Pre-Registered, you must check-in at the registration table and sign a waiver.
— To Pre-Register, download the C-2 Pre-Registration Form below.  Fill out the form and mail to:
Curley Memorial Canoe Race,  P.O. Box 652, Oscoda, MI.  48750
Make checks payable to Justin Griffith.  Pre-Registration forms must be received by July 11th. 2022.

Race Course: Race starts at 9:00 a.m. at the embankment wall of Cooke Dam; canoers paddle upstream to round a buoy, and then come back to portage over the dam and continue downstream; canoers portage a second time at Foote Dam and then proceed to the Finish Line just upstream of the AuSable Inn. Expert-2’s will start first, with the Expert-1’s starting when the last Expert-2 team has portaged Cooke Dam.
— Winning time is about 2.5 hrs.
— The Pre-Race Briefing is MANDATORY for all racers.  A roll-call may be accomplished to verify attendance.
— Following the C-2 race, there is a MCRA Awards Picnic (approximately 1:00 p.m.), at the American Legion Pavilion, 349 S. State St., Oscoda.  A donation jar will be setup, and donation proceeds go to benefit the MCRA Canoers Memorial on River Rd.  Eating begins around 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. with awards following.
— Racers who fail to receive their prize at the Awards Picnic, will have their prize donated to the MCRA Canoers Memorial.
— Total Expert-1 & Expert-2 Prize Purse of $3,500; a minimum of the Top 50 Expert-1 teams, and the Top 10 Expert-2 teams will earn prizes.

C-2 Pre-Registration Entry Form


C-1 Race – Sunday, July 17, 2022

— $15 entry per paddler
— Check-In Registration at the AuSable Children’s Park (at the corner of Harbor St. and O’Toole St.). Registration starts 8:00 a.m.
Race Course:  Race starts at 10:00 a.m. at the AuSable Children’s Park. Paddlers will race two (2) laps from Children’s Park to round a buoy just downstream of the railroad trestle bridge, and back. This allows for better spectating of the paddlers in town.
— Winning time is about 1 hr.
— Awards immediately following the conclusion of the C-1 race at the AuSable Children’s Park.
— Minimum prize pool of $1,000; a minimum of the Top 20 C-1 racers will earn prizes.
 C-1 Registration Form


***C-2 RACE NOTICE***:
  • FOOTE DAM: Be advised, the portage at Foote Dam has been narrowed due to recent erosion-prevention and reinforcement construction to the seawall.  The seawall has been raised about 2 feet, but has an opening about 22′ wide with a concrete staircase.  Portaging over the seawall, which was the common method for many years, is prohibited.  Please use care and sportsmanlike conduct when/if portaging with other teams.
  • FOOTE DAM: New portage stairs have been installed on the slope of the hill.  These stairs remain optional to use.
  • FOOTE DAM: The dam and portage are closed off to all spectators.  Spectators are encouraged to view the race at new viewing platform next to Foote Dam, at Rea Road Bridge, the River Road Scenic Overlook near Footesite, at the U.S. Forest Service Whirlpool Boat Launch (a fee is required to park there), and the Finish Line Park.
  • FOOTE DAM: Stairs have been installed at the bottom of the Foote Dam portage, at the re-entry to the river.  More information will be provided at the Pre-Race Briefing.
  • PARKING:  The AuSable Inn is under new ownership, and we are currently unsure about the status of parking in the AuSable Inn parking lot.  Please do not park at the parts store across the street.  More information will be provided at the Pre-Race Briefing.
Contact Info
Justin Griffith
Please make checks out to: Justin Griffith
“The racers finishing in last place paddled just as hard and just as far as the winners” – Harry Curley

MCRA_LogoThe Curley Memorial Canoe Race is a Michigan Canoe Racing Association sanctioned event.


Race Results

2021 2022


Curley Memorial Champions

#YearC-2 TimeC-2 WinnersC-1 TimeC-1 Winner
119942:24:56Jeff Kolka & Bill Torongo0:51:29Calvin Hassel
219952:28:49Bruce Barton & Jeff Kolka1:09:52Tim Triebold
319962:22:21Bruce Barton & Tim Triebold1:10:30Bruce Barton
419972:30:14Andrew Triebold & Tim Triebold1:17:56Bruce Barton
519982:29:56John Sullivan & Bill Torongo1:20:16Bruce Barton
619992:19:15Jeff Kolka & TIm Triebold1:12:08Jeff Kolka
720002:32:17Bruce Barton & Jeff Kolka1:06:16Jeff Kolka
820012:29:13Jeff Kolka & TIm Triebold1:03:27Jeff Kolka
920022:39:24Jeff Kolka & TIm Triebold1:03:41Tim Triebold
1020032:23:26Mo Harwood, Jr. & Matthew Rimer1:11:51Jeff Kassuba
1120042:31:38Mo Harwood, Jr. & Matthew Rimer1:04:16Matt Streib
1220052:30:28Andrew Triebold & Matthew Rimern/aAndrew Triebold
1320062:20:06Andrew Triebold & Matthew Rimer1:12:55Andrew Triebold
1420072:27:54Andrew Triebold & Matthew Rimer1:27:31Andrew Triebold
1520082:28:31Andrew Triebold & Tom Trudgeon1:04:21Bill Torongo
1620092:28:20Andrew Triebold & Ryan Halstead1:04:41Andrew Triebold
1720102:27:22Steve Corlew & Bill Torongo1:03:20Andrew Triebold
1820112:31:53Andrew Triebold & Cameron McClain1:06:51Andrew Triebold
1920122:33:00Andrew Triebold & Matthew Rimer1:06:04Nick Walton
2020132:30:47Josh Sheldon & Matt Streib1:04:59Matt Streib
2120142:29:15Andrew Triebold & Nick Walton1:04:15Andrew Triebold
2220152:27:20Mathieu Pellerin & Ryan Halstead1:04:12Mike Davis
2320162:26:04Andrew Triebold & Ryan Halstead1:02:49Andrew Triebold
2420172:27:02Mike Davis & Weston Willoughby1:04:25Mike Davis
2520182:28:45Mike Davis & Weston Willoughby1:04:57Mike Davis
2620192:28:12Andrew Triebold & Ben Schlimmer1:03:51Mike Davis
--2020-:--:--No Race-:--:--No Race
2720212:26:27Wes Dean & Weston Willoughby1:05:51Danny Medina
2820222:34:49Wes Dean & Ryan Halstead1:05:38Mike Davis

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