North American Canoe Paddler Ranking (NACPR)

The North American Canoe Paddler Ranking (NACPR) system was created by Marathon Hall of Fame Historian John Cook when he was updating his system for predicting the top finishing teams for the Marathon. It is meant to be completely objective since everything is determined solely by race times. It determines each paddlers Competitive Ratio, which is a paddlers time compared to the winners time. For example, if you had a time of 17h:00m:00s and the winners time was 14h:30m:00s, your Competitive Ratio would be 0.85294 or 85.294% [14:30:00 / 17:00:00 = 0.85294].

It does this for each of the last nine Triple Crown events, then determines each paddlers best Competitive Ratio during that time, and then ranks all of the paddlers based upon their best Competitive Ratio. Ties between paddlers with the same ratios are resolved by: 1) the paddler who entered the most of the last nine events; and then if there’s still a tie, 2) the paddler with the best average of ratios over the last nine events. If there’s still a tie after that, then the paddlers remain tied with the same rank.

For clarification, these rankings are only for flatwater marathon C-2 canoe paddlers who have competed in a Triple Crown event (General Clinton, AuSable Marathon, La Classique) within the last three years. In order to keep the rankings current, the list will be updated after each Triple Crown event so that it only includes the past nine Triple Crown events (three events per year times three years equals the past nine events).

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NACPR Lists:

2023:  Spring 2023
2022:  Spring 2022Summer 2022Autumn 2022
2021:  Spring 2021  Summer 2021  Autumn 2021
 Spring 2019  Summer 2019  Autumn 2019
:  Spring 2018  Summer 2018  Autumn 2018
:  Spring 2017  Summer 2017  Autumn 2017
2016:  Spring 2016  Summer 2016  Autumn 2016
2015:  Spring 2015 – Summer 2015 – Autumn 2015
2014:  Spring 2014 – Summer 2014 – Autumn 2014
2013:  Spring 2013 – Summer 2013 – Autumn 2013
2012:  Spring 2012 – Summer 2012 – Autumn 2012
2011:  Autumn 2011

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