Race Committee


Co-Chairpersons – Andy Moore and Suzanne Schlachter

Treasurer – Yvonne Schreiber

Secretary – Karen Martella

Voting Member – Katheryn Bentley

Alternates – Rich Kimmel, Bruce Schlitt, and Michelle Millikin

Members – Ernie Balch, John Cherven, Lexi Cherven, Marcia Koppa, Wayne Koppa, Greg Stansbury, Toni Stephan, and Phil Weiler


Co-Chairpersons – Kathy Erickson and Justin Griffith

Treasurer – Rod Matthews

Secretary – Michelle Griffith

Voting Members – Ryan Matthews and Sylvia Harmon

Alternates – Mikayla Erikson, Dave Boback, Sam Harmon, and Lisa Denney

Members – Justin Collier, Melissa Hill, Marie Matthews, Sarah McLeod, Penny Wojahn

Race Competition Committee

Andy Moore

John Sullivan

Suzanne Schlachter

Ryan Matthews

Kathy Erickson

Heather Tait


A few legends of the Marathon Committee: Phil Weiler, Andy Moore, Joe Wakeley, and John Cherven. Together these four have been on the committee for over 125 years!


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