Marathon FAQ

What is the proper spelling?

  • Au Sable or AuSable (with an upper-case ‘S’) is the proper spelling, and while Au Sable (with the space between the words) is the technical spelling, AuSable is acceptable and perhaps the more widely used spelling.  Ausable (with a lower-case ‘s’), is a river in New York, and not applicable to the river or race in Michigan.

Why was the race cancelled in 1969?

  • The race was cancelled in 1969 because of several factors.

Is the race really 120 miles?

  • In the early days of the race, up until the late 1970’s, the race was advertised as a 240 mile event.  Although high water from heavy rainstorms and spring runoff has altered the AuSable River some since the race’s inception in 1947, the river is not 120 miles shorter than it used to be.  Then why the difference?  The 240 miles was purely an estimation, as the event organizers in those days reasoned that a twisty-turny river had to be double the length of the approx. driving distance from Grayling to Oscoda.  Once the river was surveyed

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