How to Register Online:

Teams wanting to Register for the 2022 AuSable River Canoe Marathon should download and review the 2022 ARCM Paddler’s Book.  The Paddler’s Book includes this year’s Entry Information, a Schedule of Events, other pertinent race information, and a listing of the ARCM Race Rules.

2022 Paddler’s Book

Below is a list of tips for using the online registration tool:

  • The online form is the same as the PDF entry form on the website.  All required questions are marked with a red asterisk.
  • You will need to determine who on the team will be Paddler 1 and Paddler 2.
  • Paddler 1 has a few Team Questions to complete:
    • Support crew information
    • Sponsors (optional)
    • Time Trials (requested sprit slot time)
    • Canoe Information (manufacturer/model)
    • Paddler 1 will also establish a team name and password.   The name is just for registration purposes and will not be used in the race.
  • Payment Options – Paddler 1 can “pre-pay” for Paddler 2 or each paddler can pay separately during the registration process.   Please note that Active’s secure payment system is used for processing all payments.
    • Pre-Pay Overview
      • After payment is completed, Paddler 1 will see the option button to “Invite Pre Paid”.
      • When this button is clicked, an invitation will open where Paddler 2’s email needs to be entered.
      • The message can be customized or sent with the default language.
      • Paddler 2 will need to use the link provided in the email to register as a pre-paid team member.
      • If Paddler 2 does not receive the email, they should check their spam folder.
      • Paddler 1 can resend invitations by logging into the Team Center and selecting the “Resend Invitations” button.
    • Pay Separate
      • After Paddler 1 has established the team they should provide the team name and password to Paddler 2.
      • Paddler 2 will log into Active, select “Join a team” and then select the team name provided by Paddler 1.
      • Paddler 2 will complete the registration form and make their payment.
  • If your browser is idle for 15 minutes, you may lose any information you have entered. A browser is considered idle if you are not actively interacting or typing on the registration form.
  • If you have all your information, including payment method, registration should take each paddler less than 10 minutes to complete.

If you have any questions regarding the Registration process, or have questions or changes regarding your Entry Application, please contact us at

2022 Sponsors and Partners