Souvenir Token From the Past Located


1949 Souvenir Token: Found by Bill Blake

This souvenir token of Grayling, commerating both the National Guard and what was then called the “Annual Michigan Canoe Championship”, was recently found by Grayling resident Bill Blake. Bill has been metal detecting for almost 20 years and found this coin under 9″ of dirt at a residence in Grayling located close to the Middle School. Information on the coin was researched by Bambi-Mansfield Sanderson, from the Devereaux Memorial Crawford County Library. She located the following article in the Crawford County Avalanche, June 30, 1949.

Memorial Coins Arrive Here

The 1949 Grayling Memorial coins, a joint project of the Kiwanis Club of Grayling and the Grayling Chamber of Commerce have arrived and will soon be distributed to the Grayling Merchants. The project has been two years in the making. The coins are of a 25 cent value and will be in general circulation in the city through the summer season through deer season until the cashing in date of December 1. The coins will picture the various activities of Grayling and the area throughout the year. It is the hope of the two sponsoring organizations that enough can be realized by the project to carry at least greatly aid their separate functions this coming year. The coin idea has been used in various parts of the country with a great deal of success and it is thought that the tourists, vacationists, and sportsmen visiting our area will want at least one of the coins as a keepsake or pocket piece. Local residents and the encamped National Guard should also give the project a definite boost. No one will be forced to keep any of the coins if they are redeemed on or before December 1, it was pointed out. Cash for the organization will be realized solely from the coins which are kept. The coins will be accepted as cash at any Grayling Business establishment as well as at the Grayling State Savings Bank. The distribution committee is formed of Kiwanians Lorne Douglas and Russell Allen and Chamber Directors Les Welsh and Don Gothro.

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